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Are you looking for some inspiration on cabinet designs to give your home a new level of sophistication? Do you want to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, laundry room, home/office, and kitchen space with awesome, yet affordable custom kitchen cabinets? Then you’re right where you should be.

At Firenza Stone, we have a strong taste for good quality work. This is why it is one of our top priorities to use the highest quality materials for all our products to give your new construction the quality it deserves.

Creating Your Space

Making Your Selections

Executing Your Plan

Innovative Cabinet Design Ohio

For your kitchen, bath, office, closet, media center, or mudroom. Executed by our creative staff of in-house cabinet designers. We capture your image and create a design unique to your style.

Creating custom cabinetry for your beautiful new kitchen renovation or remodeling can only be possible because our showroom consists of over 10,000 square feet of inspiring vignettes to help you achieve your kitchen cabinet design. We also have a wide selection of both natural and man-made stones, decorative tiles, and other flooring materials for your unique flooring and countertops.

kitchen cabinets Cleveland

Creating Your Space

Our dedicated professionals are always at your service to help you select the ideal cabinet style and design that would maximize your kitchen spaces.

Our passion at Firenza Stone is to create a beautiful, serene, and lively environment. With the decades of experience at our disposal, our team of experts will work interactively with you to integrate your new cabinets— including your appliances and furniture to seamlessly satisfy your storage needs.

Making Your Selections

It's one thing for custom cabinet makers to understand the customer's needs, but a totally different thing to satisfy those custom cabinetry needs.

At Firenza Stone, we ensure the combination of various selections you make from our cabinet styles will ultimately arrive at a unique finished product that satisfies your cravings. Hence, you won't have to pay for the services of an interior designer.

We also consider your budget and lifestyle to help improve your quality of life at a cost you can easily afford. Among our designs selections — whether simple or classy, timeless or trendy — you will surely find a design that will fit your lifestyle.

Our showroom also offers you a wide variety of natural stones to ensure your kitchen and bathroom countertops are aesthetically stunning.

Executing Your Plan

Whether you plan to achieve fully custom or semi-custom kitchen cabinets, stock cabinetry, or production cabinetry (in a variety of finishes and styles), we have you covered.

Since we are bent on providing quality services to our customers, a professional will be assigned to you at the implementation phase of your project to help you execute your unique plan while paying attention to the important details of the project.

3 Important Steps we Execute to Complete Your Custom Cabinetry Project:

  • Designing: Our design professional will work around the clock with you to ensure that your cravings reflect in the overall design of your cabinetry.
  • Building: The team of woodworkers and craftsmen available at Firenza Stone are highly experienced. Hence you can trust them to deliver the goods with the finest materials on the market.
  • Install: Finally, We won't only deliver your customized cabinets at your doorstep but will also install the finished cabinetry with the best installers you can ever demand.

Some Selections Of Custom Cabinetry Ideas We Provide:

1. Skirted Cabinets

We can redesign and restore your existing cabinets if you don't like the way they look by skirting them to provide some cover.

2. Movable Furniture-based Cabinets Design

Instead of spending heavily on built-ins, you can opt for a moveable design that is furniture-based

3. Build On The Kitchen Island

Customize your kitchen island with extra shelving, drawers, and cabinetry to maximize space. This can free up the walls of your house and expand your high ceiling.

You can also beautify the blank wall with glamorous paint patterns

4. Open Kitchen Cabinets

Eliminating the doors and keeping your cabinets wide open will make cooking easier and allow you to display your beautiful pots, dishes, and other cookware and tableware.

5. Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Another way you can maximize those difficult spaces at the wall corners of your kitchen and increase storage is by customizing your cabinets to fit into the corners.

As one of the top custom cabinet makers, our experts at Firenza Stone will pay attention to the necessary details and craft the ideal corner cabinetry that will be perfectly compatible with your kitchen design.

6. Locked Kitchen Cabinets

If your existing cabinetry doesn't provide lock hardware and you are concerned about your dishes falling out of your cabinets, then we can either upgrade your cabinetry and install some locks, or better yet, we can build a new custom cabinet system which doors can be locked. This style will surely make it easier to secure your cabinet storage spaces.

7. Emerald Kitchen Cabinets

Another breathtaking design is the Ashley Whittaker-designed kitchen which requires you to paint your cabinets of a bold viridescent shade.

8. Metallic Kitchen Cabinets

Metallic cabinets (especially stainless steel) are not just flashy and glamorous but also easily blend with the color of your kitchen hardware and decors which are often made of steel.

Virtual Cabinet Design

We take your ideas and create 3-dimensional views of your new space. Our cabinet designers will assist you in making your selections and executing your plan.

Why Choose Firenza Stone?

Working with our team of professionals at Firenza Stone hits differently because,

  • We will be guiding you from the conceptualization phase right to the completion of the cabinet design project.
  • We don’t only promise to deliver great quality, but we stick to the promise. You can have a look at what some of our satisfied customers are saying right HERE
  • Our top-quality designs are simply among the very best the industry can offer you.

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