Top Notch Closet Remodeling Service To Transform Your Space

Imagine what your closet looks like right now!
Then, imagine what you want it to look like!
Now, imagine that it can look even better when we complete the job!

Our primary aim is to take your closet from tight, stuffy, and unpleasant to spacious, airy, and luxurious. The result of our closet remodeling service is a more valuable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing closet, allowing you to feel a deep sense of satisfaction and comfort when you walk in.

When we’re done with your closet remodel, here’s what you’ll get

Design to Remodel

We begin with a good design and deliver a completed project.

Project Management

Our team schedules and supervises the entire project.

Top Quality Construction

Only craftsmen with years of experience work in your home.

Why You Should Let Us Remodel Your Closet!

Firenza Stone is a family-owned and operated home improvement company based in Ohio. We have a reputation for helping homeowners in and around Ohio create the home of their dreams with our home improvement products and services.

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Here’s why we’re the best fit for your closet remodeling project:

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Our Closet Remodeling Process

Here’s how we ensure your closet looks effortlessly beautiful, spacious, and luxurious.

  • Initial consultation and needs assessment

    The most crucial step in any remodeling process is speaking with you to understand what you want from the project and what you want your new closet to look like. We know you already have an idea you need, and we’d be happy to hear that.

  • Design phase: Creating a personalized walk-in closet layout

    The closet layout determines most of the other features and designs. We choose a layout that best fits the architectural design of your space to help you achieve an impeccable design. With your approval, we may also need to demolish a part of your wall to give you an excellent result.

  • Storage plan: Discussing options for shelves, racks, drawers, etc.

    The styling and creation of your shelves, racks, and drawers will largely depend on what items you hope to store in the closet. This is why we walk hand in hand with you to make some of these highly personalized choices.

  • Installation: Efficient and precise installation by our skilled team

    Our technicians will begin the installation phase once all the design options have been chosen. We will design the closet and install the cupboards precisely as we have discussed.

  • Lighting and accessories for enhanced functionality

    Our highly experienced team will add lighting and accessories that further enhance your walk-in closet's general aesthetics and functionality. Some options include a chandelier, natural light by adding a window, mirror lights, lighting sensors, and many more.

  • Final touches: Adding finishing details and organizing the closet space

    Once everything is set, we start to add the finishing touches. We may need to add furniture to help you achieve that sophisticated, luxurious appearance. You may also want to see some fixtures in your new closet; let us know, and we will let you know if it works.

  • Follow-up and customer satisfaction evaluation

    We know the project doesn’t end when we leave your home. Our technicians are available to offer you after-service help when you need it. We will also create a follow-up plan to ensure you’re satisfied with your new closet's beauty, functionality, and value.


The cost of remodeling a walk-in closet depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The size of the closet, which determines the number of cupboards required, labor intensity, and material requirements
  • The specific design you want us to create for you. Some designs may require more features and work than others. We may also need to demolish a wall or more to bring the design to reality.
  • The materials you want
  • Local and state permit
  • The current condition of your closet

You can quickly find out what your closet remodeling will cost you by speaking with us today. tel: (440) 953-8883

The difference between these two types of closets is precisely what their names suggest. A built-in wardrobe is added to your bedroom space, where you can easily access items. On the other hand, a walk-in closet is a separate room with storage closets that offer you more space and a luxurious feel.

We can do a closet in the materials noted, however, the system we’re introducing is a thermally fused laminate (TFL) over a particle board core. 

They are definitely worth it. More than just acting as a beautiful addition to your home, closet remodeling can also increase the value of your home faster than some other forms of remodeling. It also helps you cut the clutter and improve the air quality in your home, helping you achieve a house that smells clean and healthy.

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When it comes to maximizing your home’s living space, a closet remodeling is a great way to achieve this. At our closet remodeling company in Ohio, we offer the expertise and experience you need to get the job done right. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering top-quality services and exceptional results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us show you why we’re the best basement remodeling company in Ohio!

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