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Are you looking for kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Cleveland that offer you maximum storage space, long-lasting durability, futuristic aesthetics, and a boost to your home’s value? Firenza Stone has got you covered.

Firenza Stone is a leading home improvement company providing the most sophisticated and luxurious cabinets for all home types. We have been in the industry for four generations and have built a longstanding reputation for customer satisfaction. Every cabinet we sell is designed by the most talented cabinet designers in the industry for homeowners who know what great cabinets look like.
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Our Products

Find the perfect cabinet for your Cleveland kitchen and bathroom.

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Custom Cabinets

If you’re looking for cabinets that fit the exact image you have in your head or something you have seen and loved, send us a message, and our designers will replicate it for you. We will work hand-in-hand with you to create kitchen and bathroom cabinets that fit perfectly with your home design.

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Semi-custom Cabinets

Our semi-custom cabinets afford you the freedom and flexibility to enhance and complete your cabinets to your taste. We leave areas like the finish, door style, and dimensions to your imagination. They are more affordable than custom cabinets but are made with the same quality materials and attention to detail.

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Shaker Cabinets

Looking for something that stands out in your kitchen or bathroom and creates a luxurious appearance? Our shaker cabinets are the best deal. They are designed to steal the attention and create a timeless, classy ambiance in your home that works for both traditional and contemporary interior designs.

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Free-standing Cabinets

We design standalone cabinets that can be moved from one area of your kitchen or bathroom to another. They offer you the flexibility to customize your space however you want, whenever you want, without having to call a technician.

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Kitchen Island Cabinets

If you use an island kitchen layout, you shouldn’t miss our kitchen island cabinets. They are made to boost storage space, offer an additional sitting area, and are built to last for decades. They are even better for open-concept homes.

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Wall-mounted and Base Cabinets

Our base and wall-mounted cabinets are built to fit into any home design. They come in different styles, including shaker cabinets, beaded cabinets, framed and frameless, flat-panel cabinets, and many more.


All our products are industry certified and come from some of the most trusted and recognized manufacturers in the business. You can expect a useful life of 30 to 50 years from every cabinet piece you buy from us.
Generally, any solid wood material works best for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. However, depending on your budget and the kind of design you want to create, you can opt for other sturdy engineered wood materials like plywood, HDF, MDF, particleboard, and melamine.
Shaker cabinets are currently the most trendy cabinet styles at the moment, and they happen to have been trendy for a while because of their classy, traditional look. Some other cabinet styles you can opt for are raised-panel, distressed, beadboard, and more.
Both cabinets are made for different spaces and, as such, have different dimensions, designs, and storage capacities. You can, however, use kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, but bathroom cabinets hardly fit into the kitchen space.

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