Bathroom Natural Stone Countertops:

No matter which kind of stone you love, choosing this natural material for your countertop can transform your bathroom or powder room into a welcoming, comfortable space that stands up to a lifetime of use.


Granite is extremely durable. And because no piece is alike, granite also provides a unique aesthetic. Resistant to cracking, scratching and the everyday wear and tear that your bathroom countertop endures, granite will last indefinitely. It’s a perfect base for silver, gold and copper accents, which allows the homeowner to bring new looks into the bathroom over the years and still keep the countertop.


Limestone adds warmth to powder rooms since it’s a more neutral stone. This can be beneficial if you are thinking about selling your home. While limestone is extremely porous, regular sealing will prevent staining. This stone is a great fit for both traditional and modern styles, making it a terrific accent for any décor.


Marble is a classic that never goes out of style. Incredibly durable, marble is heat resistant and can withstand the wear and tear of curling iron and straightener use. On the other hand, marble doesn’t get along as well with makeup and other liquids.  When sealed routinely, however, this isn’t a problem. If you love the one of a kind look that marble brings, the bathroom might be the best place for it. Since it is more easily scratched than granite, it can be risky to put marble in the kitchen. But, marble is a great alternative for the bathroom because the risks of cutlery scratches are eliminated.


Slate comes in an array of colors and is more uniform in pattern than marble or granite. Slate is a great option for the bathroom because it’s easy to clean up and it doesn’t harbor bacteria. It also doesn’t absorb liquids, which makes it safe to use typical bathroom cleaning liquids.

If you’re interesting in incorporating a natural stone sink into your bathroom remodel or renovation, call Firenza Stone today at (888) 495-7330. The experts at Firenza have the resources and skill to help you turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

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