The kitchen is often the sanctuary within the home that requires an immaculate feeling. After the color palettes and appliances are selected, the dominate feature must be selected: the countertops. This space acts as your family’s gathering place, your stage to creating mouth-watering meals and the focus point of your kitchen. Remodeling a new space is exciting, creative and at times overwhelming, so the question is which surface is the best for your space?

Firenza Stone offers a wide selection of natural-stone tiles and surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms and more; all guaranteed to match any unique ambiance.


“This house features a nice granite countertop finish.” Thousands of realtors have used this infamous line while sashaying hopeful homeowners through houses, and there is a reason why. Granite surfaces are tough! The durable and long-lasting surfaces are perfect for the wear and tear tendencies from kitchens, and popularity for the stone has increased the available color, texture and finish selection. Classic and reliable, granite is always a crowd pleaser.


Marble is timeless and evolves. The romantic surface is unique and each etch creates a story.  Its cool surface is every baker’s dream and acts as an amazing work space for kneading dough, flattening bread and creating noodles. Like all natural stone, marble is durable, candid and adds elegance and value to your home.


Limestone is shaped from the movement of aquatic life and sand as shells and grit form to create exclusive slabs of stone. This surface paired with stainless steel appliances creates a perfect harmony for chefs at all levels. One “pro” to limestone is its resemblance to marble. Although it mimics marble, limestone is reasonably less expensive and can also work as beautiful backsplash.


Materials such as granite and marble are wildly popular, and soapstone leaves a distinctive look for your counter space. Soapstone is a softer stone with extreme density. It receives its name from the delicate soapy feeling you receive as you run your hand across the surface. Resistant to bacteria and chemicals, soapstone is a great hygienic countertop for a kitchen prone to heavy cleanups.

Recycled Glass

For the eco-friendly cautious consumer, recycled glass brings quaint character. The surface’s material are made from post-commercial and industrial crushed glass, and each piece tells a story. The smooth finish is ideal for cleaning and maintenance, and the vibrant colors from the glass brighten the room.

Natural stone is impeccable, classic and will transform your kitchen into a work of art. Buying natural stone locally reduces your cost, and Firenza Stone is also a one-stop shop with various services. Our associates can assist you in consulting, installation and designing quality natural stone fixtures perfectly produced for you. Visit us at or call 877-878-6638 to get started on creating the perfect kitchen.

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