With a variety of natural stones, it can make selecting stone materials difficult. You are reviewing beautiful slabs of marble, granite, limestone, soapstone, quartz and other forms of stone, but first consider these factors: material, finish/texture, color, usage, durability and cost. Let our experienced team at Firenza Stone, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, help in selecting stone that flawlessly matches any of your home projects.

Natural stones offer a variety of elegant colors and designs. For example, marble and granite can range from soft beiges and pinks, classic black-and-whites to rich corals, greens and multi-colors. We could not help but agree with the Dallas Jubilee Company in saying:

 “Marble traditionally features swirls and “veins” of colors, while granite has a flecked or pebbled appearance. Unlike the repetitive uniformity of materials produced by machine or assembly line, natural stone’s varied appearance has wonderful character and creates a one-of-a-kind effect everywhere it is used.”

Granite has become one of the most popular stones on the market because of its durability and longevity. It is perfect for heavily used surfaces, such as kitchen countertops and floors. Granite is a heat-, bacteria-, citric acid- and scratch-resistant kitchen surface. Also, one measure of natural stone’s strength is a hardness scale, one (1) being the softness and 10 being the hardest. Marble comes in at a three (3) and granite a seven (7). This simply means softer stone requires more cleansers and dusting to prevent scratching.

Natural stone can be polished, honed or flamed for a distinct look. A polished finish will have a sleek finish emphasizing the color and marking of the stone. A honed finish is a smooth surface with little light reflection. A flamed finish is a rough-textured surface used frequently on granite floor tiles. We can assist you in deciding which texture will be the most functional in the room you are remodeling.

Lastly, the cost may differ from material to material and the quantity of stone you are wishing to purchase. For more details and information on selecting stone, call us at 440.953.8883 or visit our showcase gallery to view all the unique and beautiful stone options we offer.

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