The kitchen: a place where meals are prepped, homework is reviewed and family and friends gather. Having a family-friendly kitchen is doable with the right vision and planning. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen whether its changing the floor, the cabinets, tiles  etc to accommodate a growing family, here are six ideas to help you design and organize:

  1. Develop a family-friendly open floor kitchen concept

    An open floor layout allows you to keep an eye on kids while working in the kitchen, is great for entertaining and increases natural light in the space. Having a small home doesn’t mean an open floor concept isn’t possible; in fact, these floor plans usually work well in homes with less square footage, making the space feel much friendly kitchen design

  1. Plan for storage and appliance arrangement

    Be sure to think about including ample storage space, extra drawers and appliance locations. Consider where you might want to place an island, bar stool seating, cabinets, pantries, doorways, sinks and electrical outlets based on how your family will use the space. If you’re having a hard time envisioning how all of those pieces will work together, our skilled space experts and interior designers can help you figure out the best possible layout for your new kitchen.

  1. Choose forgiving materials for your floors and counters

    Make cleaning up spills and messes easier for you by choosing the right materials for your lifestyle. Pick a flooring that cleans up with a damp mop or rag or wood floors with a matte, nonskid finish that will withstand heavy wear and tear. Natural stone countertops with a strong sealant will provide good durability and are easy to clean.

  1. Make your appliances family-friendly for kids

    Having your appliances in kid-friendly locations are a great way to make your kitchen more functional. Consider placing the microwave on a lower shelf instead of above the range—this way, kids won’t be trying to reach above the hot stove and allows them easy access to use the microwave to reheat snacks. Refrigerator drawers are a popular feature in homes today; keep kids’ snacks in there for convenient access. If you have very young kids, look for appliance models with child lock settings or extra safety features.

  1. Include a family friendly activity zone in the kitchen

    family friendly kitchensHaving a space designated to homework or hanging out in your kitchen allows for the family to be together in one room without being too crowded. A low counter or bar on the side of the kitchen creates a great space to have your family hang out in the kitchen while doing more than just cooking or eating. Be mindful of where to place electrical outlets and shelving to ensure that there is space for kids to work on their activities or homework.

  1. Feature a meal-mapping center

    To help keep the family organized, dedicating a corner or wall for a meal-mapping or notes center is a great feature to include in your kitchen. Consider hanging a chalkboard, bulletin board or large calendar in that area to help keep the grocery checklist, coupons and recipes organized.

Equipping your home with a family-friendly kitchen is an investment that will benefit your family for years. To get started designing your new kitchen, stop into the Firenza Stone showroom today! Our space experts and designers are ready to help you make the kitchen of your dreams.

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