Wouldn’t it be great to stay in on the weekends with friends and family and have a dedicated space for making and sharing beverages and relaxing? For your next home improvement project, consider a home bar—a space to entertain and have fun in your own home.

If a home bar sounds like something you may be interested in, keep in mind that this space is one part of your home where you can have some fun. Think about what types of storage and appliances you need to account for in your home bar, as well as how much space you’ll need for chairs or stools to accommodate friends and family.

The biggest star of any bar is the bar top. By choosing a quality, attractive bar top material, you can not only add style to your space, but it can become a conversation piece when friends and family gather around.

Some of the best materials for home bar tops include:

  • Granite
    This material is a great choice for a home bar top. Not only is it durable, but it also adds a feeling of class and sophistication to your home bar. This rich looking material can stand up to glasses, bottles, cans and more with very little wear and tear.
  • Quartz
    Another great option for your home bar top, quartz is a type of engineered stone. It is even more durable than granite and is resistant to scratching, cracking and staining. Quartz comes in a number of colors and patterns, many of which mimic the appearance of stones like granite and marble.
  • Laminate
    Everyone is pretty familiar with laminate. It’s durable and it comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, making it easy to choose something unique for your home bar. One thing you be conscious of with laminate on the bar is that if liquids get in the seams, it can begin to peel off of the wooden structure underneath. If you’re careful and aware of the seams, laminate can be both economical and reliable.

While some materials may look gorgeous, they may not be well-suited for a home bar space. The one surface that you should stay far away from when planning your bar top is marble. It’s a beautiful natural stone, but it’s fragile and very porous. One drop of a bottle can chip or crack the surface and one spill of pop or colored liquor can leave a permanent stain.

Your home bar can be customized to fit your home, style and entertainment needs. It all starts with an idea. Get started on your home bar today! Stop in to the Firenza Stone showroom to chat with one of our designers to design the home bar you’ve had on your mind.

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