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It’s perfectly normal to wonder about a few things if you haven’t renovated your kitchen countertops before. You’re probably wondering how much the entire endeavor will cost and how to get started.

Perhaps they caught your fancy after you noticed them at a friend’s house or maybe you just want to try out a different and more elegant look In your kitchen, granite countertops will make a splendid addition to your kitchen design. Granite kitchen countertops have always been sought after by many homeowners due to their functional quality in the kitchen and exceptional durability even in the busiest of households.

Finding the right granite countertops.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder about a few things if you haven’t renovated your kitchen countertops before. You’re probably wondering how much the entire endeavor will cost and how to get started.

Finding the right granite countertop supplier for you in Cleveland | Firenza Stone

Granite countertops come in various grade reaches depending on the quality of the material, shade, and tiles. The beauty of choosing granite lies in the fact the countertops come in not just one but three patterns and these solid natural stones are capable of fitting perfectly into any kitchen design plus they are quite easy to install.

Read through our simple guide to assist you in your search for the right granite fabricator and supplying companies in Cleveland.

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1. Look through the Granite supplier’s website

The best way to classify a potential granite countertop supplier into your ‘go-to dealer list or ‘move along’ pile is by conducting in-depth research on their official website.

A quality granite countertop supplier must display each of the following or at least a couple of these resources on their website to provide you with sufficient information that will be crucial in your kitchen renovation project:

  1. An organized and useful product/service guide to help you choose granite countertops plus installation tips.
  2. A well-written and easy-to-understand FAQ that should cover all things relevant to granite countertops, including maintenance, and general care.
  3. Testimonials from the suppliers’ previous customers and past projects
  4. Useful equipment such as a 3D edge selector or perhaps a room visualizer that can help facilitate your kitchen design project.

It’s best to allocate enough time into the research stage to allow you to make an informed decision concerning the choice of granite material to be installed in your kitchen. This way you’ll be sufficiently equipped with useful information before dropping by at the various granite countertop supply outlets and companies in person.

2. Get a project quote

Most suppliers of granite countertops help their customers start their projects with a quote. When customers request a quote it proves how serious they are about the project and that they want the supplier to stay in touch as the project kicks off.

While we’re still on the topic, Granite can be quite pricey, as such, you should expect the pricing of countertop slabs to range in proportion to the quality of the job. Have a word with the company’s representative about getting a quote that suits your needs. Depending on their response time you can then deduce whether or not they’re a suitable option for you

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3. Check ratings and reviews

The best granite countertop supplier in Cleveland | Firenza Stone

In today’s world, acquiring information is only a click away. Through social media, review websites, and other online platforms, customers can simply evaluate their experience with a company’s products or services by writing reviews or by giving star ratings.

Such reviews can be beneficial to potential customers in the sense that they can read through and compare the various experiences of previous customers and realize what it’s like to work with a particular granite fabricator or supplier.

Try visiting your prospective granite supplier’s social media pages like Facebook, Yelp, or Angie’s List, to know their overall star ratings. It’s best to check out multiple review sites to be better informed on customers differing views and opinions and also because many people only leave their reviews on a single online platform.

4. Talk to contractors concerning your project

Have a sit down with your contractors or arrange for them to visit your project site. Then take the opportunity to inquire if there’s an experienced fabricator they can recommend for you, or if there’s a particular supplier who offers quality service they can refer you to, then take a look at some of their previous jobs if possible.

It’s a safe choice to avoid glittery stones or granite slabs made out of schist stones since they tend to crack especially if you happen to be a busy mom with playful kids. Inviting your contractors to your house will put them in a better position to give you the price and full estimate of your entire project and labor costs including installation.

5. Schedule a meeting with the manager or visit the showroom in person

After gathering any relevant information you might need about the granite countertop supplier – such as their sales practices, reviews, and products. If you’re content with what you’ve seen, the next step is to schedule a visiting date so you can see for yourself if the granite countertop materials in their showroom are to your liking.

Oftentimes there are some specific aspects of a business and information that cannot be seen or acquired online. In such scenarios, the only way to better understand such aspects is by simply dialing the company’s phone number and scheduling an appointment with an authorized representative.

While you’re still on the phone, inquire If walk-ins are permitted. It’s not uncommon for some countertop suppliers to add forms on their websites that request basic details about your project to get a head start on the planning process. It’s always best to meet the granite countertop supplier in person and explore the showroom yourself before sealing the deal.

6. Touring the showroom

Before deciding on a supplier or whether to go for a solid slab or tile granite countertop, take a full tour of the supplier’s showroom to see all the items on display. You can also bring along items or pictures of your kitchen cabinets and floors to help you purchase a granite color with a similar or the same color as the surrounding areas and items in your kitchen.

It’s very common to come across an array of granite countertops in a multitude of colors and different enticing patterns on a supplier’s website. However, in many of such cases and much to the customer’s disappointment, the countertops might not be available in the inventory or look as appealing as they did online after paying a visit to the dealership.

Note that granite is a natural stone and as such the shades and patterns are usually unique with each slab. If you find that the natural patterns and colors of a particular slab you saw online don’t appear the same way after seeing them up close, It’s okay to keep touring the showroom for other options that might suit you better.

If you have any questions, there should be a representative in the building to provide you with answers and assist you in any way necessary to get you closer to achieving your ideal kitchen design.

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7. Inquire about their granite slab processing

It’s important to get your granite countertops from a company that uses authentic and high-quality materials in its manufacturing process. They must use only the best stone slabs to guarantee the durability of their products so you get great value for your money since they don’t come cheap.

Watch out for possible red flags, including how the company responds to unsatisfied or disgruntled customers. See what solutions they offer in such situations, how long they take to do so, and how they go about making things right with their customers. It’s a good sign if the supplier has a ton of positive reviews, or if they far outweigh the negative ones.

When checking online for reviews, it’s also important for you to note that there might be some fluke negative reviews here and there that are unlikely to happen to you. Whenever you encounter such reviews, compare them with what others have said to determine if there’s any truth to them

8. Go with the supplier with a wide selection of countertops

Granite countertop supplier in Cleveland

The best part about granite slabs is that these natural stones come in an endless number of shades, hues, and textures. You can tell whether a supplier is right for you by considering the number of granite countertop options available in their inventory.

Aside from displaying a ton of options for customers to choose from, a good supplier prioritizes the quality of the countertops on display. It’s a good sign if they offer high-quality products such as Black Pearl, White galaxy, New Venetial Gold, Blanco Perla, White quartz countertops, and other exotic choices. Check out our countertops now.

Do well to avoid patronizing granite countertop suppliers who get their products from unspecified and unreliable sources, because oftentimes regular granite stones are designed to mimic the appearance of more exotic varieties to rip off customers.


While granite countertops aren’t exactly inexpensive, on the other hand they can be worthwhile investments and elegant additions to your kitchen. Follow the aforementioned tips when choosing a supplier and you’ll be neck-deep in the best granite selection in no time.

At Firenza Stone, we have every tile pattern, granite size, every stone weight, and marble shape to match the design and outlook of your bathroom and kitchen. Reach out to us today, let us help you create the dream home.

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