Home Remodeling In Lakewood

Home Remodeling In Lakewood

Do you want to restore beauty and sophistication to your home? Have you become bored of your current design and want something of an upgrade? Firenza Stone is your go-to for that. We are a family-owned home improvement company based in Ohio, helping families to create an exotic living space.

We have been delivering excellence in the home improvement industry for four generations, creating high-class cabinetry, countertops, and floors. To create an excellent home remodeling project, we deliver services ranging from cabinet installation to countertop fabrication, and countertop installation to flooring.

home remodelling in lakewood

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Bathroom Remodeling In Lakewood

Your bathroom should be your comfort area, where you get peace, freedom, and relaxation. The ambiance, design, and decorations all work together to create this balance. At Firenza Stone, we empower our designers and technicians with the right tools and knowledge to help you create an Instagram-worthy bathroom at a reasonable cost.

We leave you with a stunning bathroom designed with all the best materials for countertops, cabinets, vanities, and flooring. Reach out to us today for bathroom remodeling in Lakewood, and let us help make your bathroom 10x more comfortable and exciting to look at. 


Kitchen Remodeling In Lakewood

Our natural stone kitchen countertop fabrication experts are some of the best in Ohio. We will deliver results that offer mind-blowing results including high-level durability, little maintenance requirements, environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness, versatility in design, and style, and many more. We fabricate the most timeless natural stone countertops, including granite, quartzite, marble, and more.

Basement Remodeling In Lakewood

Your basement is more than just an additional storage space. It can also serve as an extra room where you go to relax and cool off for the day or a special room for the family. We offer basement remodeling services in Lakewood to help homeowners create a sophisticated other living space that offers comfort and peace of mind. 

Home Remodeling In Lakewood FAQs

How Do I Re-Do My House On A Budget In Lakewood, OH?

Remodeling your house on a budget can be exhausting because home remodeling projects usually consume a reasonable amount, especially if you want an excellent result. However, a few ground rules can help you maintain a fair budget while redoing your home. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Set up your budget and aim to stick with it
  • Shop for supplies
  • Buy cabinets, countertops, and flooring materials from an affordable and trusted supplier.
  • DIY whatever you can
  • Contact a reliable home remodeling company
  • Create a temporary living space inside your home
  • Take care of the trash yourself.

What Is Included In A Home Remodeling Project In Lakewood, OH?

A home remodel refers to changing everything that once was and replacing them with new and better things. It can also be referred to as an upgrade. A few things that will be changed and replaced in the home remodel include the sink, fridge, cabinets, sofa furniture, countertops, vanities, blinds, layouts, and interior decoration. The HVAC systems can also be replaced during a home remodel to improve efficiency.

Work With the Best Kitchen Countertop Company in Cleveland, OH

Are you in need of high-quality custom kitchen countertops? Firenza stone is your one-stop-shop. We provide you with the right kitchen countertop options to simplify your search. 

From buying custom countertops to countertop installation, you can reach out to us for free estimates on our slabs for your residential and commercial projects. Rest assured, that you will receive top-notch service.