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Determine how gorgeous your home will be by carefully selecting a combination of cabinet designs you want for your Eastlake kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other spaces. We work with general contractors and homeowners like you to design some of the most spectacular living spaces, using timeless and stylish cabinets you can trust. We combine luxury with affordability, helping you create your dream home without breaking the bank. Send us a message or visit our showrooms near you to see our collection of cabinets that can transform your home.
Firenza Stone is a family-owned home improvement company with a family tradition of excellence. Excellence in creation, distribution, and customer service. We understand what your home needs to become the 7-star apartment you need it to be, and we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve it.
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Check out some of our timeless cabinet designs

Choose the right cabinet design for your home, and let us help you bring it to life. You can choose from the list below or call us to tell us what you want. You can also visit our showrooms near you to find what works best for your home style.

Locked cabinets

Want to keep your kitchen and bathroom items safe and secure? Let us design locked cabinets that serve as a safe place to store things without any intrusion or having your utensils, pots, and pans roll out of the shelves. Keep your most-priced silverware safe and be at peace, knowing that nothing bad will happen.

Emerald Kitchen Cabinets

Using the Ashley Whittaker-designed kitchen, we will provide you with a kitchen cabinet design finished with an emerald green, viridescent shade to boost sophistication and luxury in your home. This cabinet design is for homeowners with an eye for luxury and matchless aesthetics.

Metallic Cabinets

Our metallic cabinets do not only last several generations; they are also built to provide beautiful aesthetics and a sense of luxury. We create cabinets from stainless steel, making it easy to clean, maintain, and store more without worrying about the huge costs of repairs.

Open Cabinets

Do more with open cabinets by storing items you want to reach quickly. They also serve as display shelves for artwork, beautiful cookware, tableware, and many more. Open cabinets are ideal for storing items that need more air, as they improve the ventilation in the room.

Build on Kitchen Island Cabinets

Your kitchen island cabinet can have more selves stacked on it to provide more storage space and a stylish appeal. Build-on kitchen island cabinets allow you to use your kitchen walls for more than just cabinet areas while centering attention on the excellently designed island.

Movable Furniture-based Cabinets

Does your home space require cabinets that can be transferred from one place to another from time to time? Do you often need to adjust your home arrangements and furniture placements? Look no further, as our movable furniture-based cabinets are the perfect solution.

Skirted Cabinets

Our skirted cabinets improve your space, air circulation, warmth, and aesthetics. They are designed with high-quality clothing materials that help you maintain a gorgeous overview of your kitchen and bathroom while covering the shelf area.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets

We design corner kitchen cabinets to help you make the most of your kitchen's tiny corners and spaces. Maximize your kitchen and bathroom spaces with cabinets that fit into tight spaces and corners like the bottom of the sink, edges of the wall, in-between two cabinets, and more.

Why You Should Let Firenza Stone Design Your Cabinets In Eastlake, OH

  • Decades of experience

    Firenza Stone is a home improvement company that has been passed down from four generations of excellent cabinet makers, countertop fabricators, and remodeling experts. We have spent all these years studying and understanding suitable materials, the best equipment, and many more to help you create marvelous living spaces.

  • Trusted by homeowners and contractors in Eastlake

    Homeowners and contractors trust us to deliver excellent results with our cabinets. We have repeatedly proven to be true to our word and reputation. We have made brand loyalists and evangelists of our previous clients, and you, too, will see why that is when you let us design your cabinets.

  • Talented and experienced designers

    We work with the most skilled cabinet designers in the business. Every designer on our team has years of experience working in the home improvement industry and understanding what makes a home gorgeous. Our industry-certified designers have excellent work ethics to deliver your project on time and thoroughly.

  • We only use quality materials

    To help you enjoy your cabinets for decades without wasting money on repairs and maintenance, we design our cabinets with the toughest materials ranging from hardwood to metallic to solid engineered wood and more.

  • A vast selection of cabinets

    Whatever design you have in mind, there is a huge chance we have it. We sell cabinets of different patterns, designs, finishes, and sizes. Our cabinets also serve different purposes in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other home spaces. What you choose is what you get. Let us get your home ready for the future using our futuristic cabinets. Send us a message today.


There are tons of cabinet styles for different home designs. Some of the common ones you will find include shaker-style, raised-panel, locked, corner cabinets, build-on island kitchen cabinets, louvered, and many more. Your choice of cabinet style should depend on the home design you want to create.
Solid wood, engineered wood, and metal are the most common materials for constructing cabinets. You may also find cabinets made with glass for a more sophisticated look.
Metallic cabinets are some of the most durable cabinets since they’re made from stainless steel and aluminum. However, you will find solid wood cabinets lasting for decades with minimal repairs and maintenance, as they are built to withstand heat and moisture while staying gorgeous and stylish for decades.
Depending on the cabinets’ quality, you should expect to get around 10 to 20 years from your cabinets. For cabinets that are created by experts and with suitable materials, as we do at Firenza Stone, you can look forward to 30 years or more.

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