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Whether you are looking for a minimalist design, or something more extravagant, you can trust our designers to pull it off and give your home that unique, sophisticated, and luxurious appearance.

We design cabinets intending to give you ease, comfort, and space, starting from custom cabinets to semi-custom, RTA, free-standing cabinets, base cabinets, corner cabinets, TV cabinets, and many more. 

Let us help you create the perfect kitchen and bathroom cabinets for your Cleveland home.

At Firenza Stone, we offer you:

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Firenza Stone is a family-owned and operated home improvement company with a cabinet-making history that dates back four generations in Italy. We have been helping homeowners, spas, and commercial kitchen owners create timeless cabinets built to last for generations.

Our kitchen and bathroom cabinet designs are some of the most versatile, space-saving, and luxurious because we work with the most talented cabinet designers in the business. We listen to our customers’ wants and create something that matches their tastes.

Check out some of our timeless cabinet designs:

Find what works best for your home, or send us a message with what your home looks like, and our designers will pick out suitable cabinets for you.

Locked cabinets

Leaving cabinets unlocked will result in cookware, tableware, pots, and pans occasionally falling out if not well placed. Locked cabinets give you the option to lock your most priced, breakable kitchen items with a dedicated key. It can also help you hide things you don't want anyone else to reach.

Emerald Kitchen Cabinets

This cabinet design is more about the finish than the shape of it. This cabinet design uses the Ashley Whittaker-designed kitchen, where cabinets are painted in an emerald green, viridescent shade. The finish on this cabinet makes it easy to notice and steals attention wherever it is placed.

Metallic Cabinets

Do you want a more durable, lifelong, and aesthetically pleasing cabinet? Invest in our metallic cabinets designed to blend into any home style. Our stainless steel cabinets can be crafted into a wide variety of styles.

Open Cabinets

For a much faster and easier reach, open cabinets are ideal. With open cabinets, you can do more than just store things; you can also display artwork and your gorgeous cookware, tableware, and more.

Build on Kitchen Island Cabinets

Who says your kitchen island cannot have more shelving steps? This cabinet design affords you the flexibility to redefine your kitchen walls by using up the space on top of your kitchen island. We can help you maximize your kitchen space by adding extra layers of shelves, drawers, and other space-saving features to the top of your island.

Movable Furniture-based Cabinets

Depending on your space, you may need cabinets that can easily be moved and rearranged. It makes for an easy-to-update home design. Our movable cabinets are designed with the same level of quality and detail. You only have the added advantage of moving them from one space to another with ease.

Skirted Cabinets

If you don't like the appearance of your cabinets but don't want to get rid of them, we can help you create a cabinet design that improves your space, aesthetics, and warmth. The skirted cabinet design enables you to cover up your cabinets with high-quality clothing materials designed for luxury.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Maximize those hard-to-cover kitchen corners with some of the most beautiful, space-saving corner cabinets in our showroom. Corner cabinets increase storage while keeping the entire kitchen organized and clean.

Why You Should Let Firenza Stone Design Your Cabinets In Cleveland

  • Decades of experience

    We have spent four generations helping homeowners in Cleveland and beyond to create gorgeous living spaces using cabinets and built a massive portfolio of successful deliveries for satisfied customers.

  • Trusted by homeowners and contractors in Cleveland

    Because of our diligence and commitment to quality, homeowners and general contractors have become loyal customers who spread the word about our excellent work ethics and deliverables. You will become one of our esteemed customers when you give us the job.

  • Talented and experienced designers

    Every cabinet designer on our team has spent at least ten (10) years in the cabinet-making industry and understands how important it is to create future-proof cabinet designs that outlive the standards and stereotypes.

  • We only use quality materials

    All our cabinets are designed using the most sturdy and damage-resistant materials, including solid/natural wood, plywood, HDF, laminated MDF, and many more. We ensure that your cabinets don’t only look beautiful but can last for decades to come.

  • A vast selection of cabinets

    Whatever you want, whenever you want it, and however you want it. Firenza Stone is committed to making everything available for you. We want you to get precisely what you picture in your mind.


There are many cabinet design styles to go with different home designs, including shaker cabinets, framed/frameless, beadboard, louvered, flat-panel, raised-panel, and many more. Your cabinet choice should depend on your home’s style and budget.
Many materials can be used to construct cabinets, but they can be classified into three categories: natural wood, engineered wood, and glass. Natural wood materials include oak, hickory, maple, cherry, pinewood, and more. On the other hand, engineered wood includes plywood, MDF, HDF, laminate, and more.
Generally, cabinets made out of solid wood are the most long-lasting, as they have proven to be water-resistant, heat-resistant, and sturdy enough to last for decades. However, in recent times, there have been additives that make engineered wood almost as sturdy while still selling for lower prices.
There are no limits to what you can create with any kind of cabinet. However, shaker cabinets have proven to be the most timeless of all cabinets. They have been in style for years and will likely remain that way as homeowners are constantly looking for them.

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