Why Firenza Stone is considered the best countertop installation company in Cleveland, OH

Finding the right countertops for your home is one thing. Getting a countertop installation expert to do a clean job at a budget-friendly price is another. GOOD NEWS! Firenza Stone is both a seller of the best countertops and finest cabinets as well as the expert installer you will need.

Have you recently purchased new granite countertops or any other type of countertop for your kitchen and need the services of an expert installer? Or are you looking for a countertop seller who also doubles as an expert in countertop installer to make the search a lot easier? Well, here are some important reasons why you should entrust the job to Firenza Stone.

6 Reasons Why Firenza Stone is Considered the Best Countertop Installation Company

Why is Firenza Stone the best countertop installation company in Cleveland, OH

Countertop installation isn’t any different from other contracted home remodeling projects, as such it’s just as important to weigh out your options carefully before making a decision on which installation company you want to handle the job.

The following reasons are why Firenza Stone is considered the best countertop installation company and your ticket to transforming your house into your dream home.

1. Years of active service in countertop installation

Firenza solid surface installation Cleveland, OH

Before closing the deal, you must choose an experienced contractor who has been in the business for a while and above all who’s capable of doing a sterling job. Installing large slabs of naturally mined stones in your home means you need a company with years of service and expertise, including positive reviews from previous customers to back them up.

All these and more are what you can be assured of when you choose to work with Firenza for your countertop fixtures and remodeling.

2. A team of highly trained professional technicians

Our team at Firenza Stone comprises professional and insured staff with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field, who are capable of working with any countertop material and equipment to deliver only the best installation results.

Our technicians start by preparing and reinforcing your base cabinets as this is essential for a precise and leveled installation. For family-owned houses or general establishments that want to replace their old countertops, our home remodels specialists will help take them out before going on to properly fix your new countertop purchase.

We also help with the living area, kitchen sinks, and back splash installations to ensure that your flooring and plumbing are completely protected from all potential problems, at the same time we make it a point to give your kitchen that gorgeous and refined-looking edge, all at an affordable cost.

We consider it our duty to ensure that our clients are taken care of from the get-go and throughout the job duration, starting from the planning stages to the installation, plus we also offer aftercare services.

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3. High-end cutting-edge tools and equipment

The best countertop installation company in Cleveland, Ohio | Firenza Stone

Here at Firenza, we understand that countertop installation involves some essential elements that go beyond merely mounting new counters above kitchen cabinets. To avoid poor installation, specific tools are required to secure the countertops, for precise measurements of the slabs, and to trim, polish, and finish the edges to produce the final product.

For instance, the surface of granite marble, laminate, and quartz counter tops can be damaged when a wrong sealant or polisher is used on them. The complexity of an installation is usually influenced by the materials and equipment used in creating the counter tops.

An example of this is the installation of quartz, due to its materials, the installation process tends to be a bit difficult for newbies and DIYers. Not having the right tools can mean the job won’t be done properly, leaving huge gaps which can ruin an otherwise beautiful environment.

This is why we have invested so much in our tools and equipment and also sensitized our technicians in the use of these tools.

4. Prompt responses to calls and emails

We realize that there’s nothing worse than non-responsiveness to a customer in need of assistance. As such we have incorporated this ideal as a policy with our highly trained customer care operatives who are guaranteed to respond promptly to all your inquiries.

5. Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Regardless of whether you have the skills to do the installation yourself, choosing a company to do it for you instead will always be the best course of action. When doing an installation, the design and countertop material will always require an extra set of hands to complete the project.

Choosing Firenza for your countertop installation, a specialist will be assigned to you to review the project materials and setting, plus you’ll also get a quote for the project beforehand.

When the planning stages have been concluded, a designated local contractor and sub contractors will schedule a date for an in-home visitation to create a template and measure your countertops. As soon as your countertop piece is ready for installation, our experts will take the liberty of removing any pre-existing countertop before installing the newly purchased counter tops.

Depending on the nature of the project, the installation should only take several hours to complete.

6. A wide variety of natural stone slabs

Here at Firenza, we offer amazing quality and industry-standard countertop remodel and fixtures to all our customers. We have what it takes to make your vision for your home a reality. We are capable of surpassing your expectations by replacing old-world designs with stunning new and innovative ideas.

We accommodate a large selection of countertop materials such as ceramic tiles, laminate, solid surfaces, concrete, and natural stones like granite and quartz as well as engineered stone countertops.

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7. Fast turn-around time with excellent delivery

One of the reasons for our long-lasting success in the business is our amazing turnaround time. Delivering exceptional services at a quick turnaround time has propelled our company to succeed and retain its position as one of the best installation services in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since changes in technology are inevitable, it’s our duty to adapt and stay updated with new trends while our unparalleled dedication to our clients remains constant.

How to Choose a Countertop Installation Expert for your Home

Choosing an installation expert for your counters | Firenza Stone, Cleveland, Ohio

Countertops are undoubtedly one of the focal points of kitchens and bathrooms and this simply means that the appearance of the entire room can less appealing due to a substandard installation. To completely avoid such a situation, here are a few tips to assist you in choosing the best countertop installer for your home.

1. Be sure what you want or be open to suggestions

If you are to choose a contractor you must have an idea of what look you’re going for. Aside from this, you must keep an open mind and be willing to listen to someone else’s opinion. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to alter your vision for your home, it simply means you should be willing to weigh out the ideas of an experienced contractor then see if they work for you.

2. Ask for a recommendation

Know anyone who just recently had their countertops replaced? If you do and happen to like the design there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask for recommendations. Calling random countertop installers isn’t the best way to find someone with expertise.

As such your source must be someone with first-hand experience working with a contractor before you can then go on to hire them. You simply have to ask those around you who have worked with a contractor before if there’s anyone they can recommend you to. Find out what it was like working with them as this is key to finding a quality contractor.

3. Read reviews

There are a handful of websites for you to read reviews on the local pros in your area. However, you need to consider the number of positive reviews as this will give you some insight into how others feel about working with that company. If you read recurring complaints about the staff being nonchalant or extremely rude, then they’re not a good fit for you.

4. Get a quote from multiple companies

After shortlisting some potential installation companies near you in Cleveland, OH, the next step is to schedule one-on-one appointments so you can meet and discuss with an authorized representative or the owner personally.

This is a great way to gauge who will be capable of meeting your expectations and who has the most experience. After picking out the companies with the most potential for the job you can then ask for quotes and see how quickly they respond and which one seems more reasonable. Note that not all companies offer free estimates.

5. Hire the best one

Picking from different popular services for countertop installation

You must hire a company with integrity, a long list of successful projects, and of course a good reputation. They must also be transparent about their pricing and working processes.

How much should countertop installation cost?

Countertop installation costs usually vary depending on the material and size of the project. On a general scale, it costs a few hundred dollars for installing small laminate countertops. For a more solid surface including granite marble, limestone, engineered quartz, and great lakes granite countertops, installations can cost up to a thousand dollars or more. Send us a message to get a quote right now.

Give your new kitchen the spark it deserves: Contact Firenza today

At Firenza, we desire to help you create a beautiful environment for your home. Our team has been in the business of stone fabrication for decades and is highly motivated to help you achieve the home of your dreams in record time.

At Firenza, we also take on remodeling and renovation of kitchen or bathroom spaces. We also offer kitchen and bath design that will stand the test of time. We offer a high level of quality throughout your project, from the design to the construction process. Our primary aim is to provide you with a service that improves your life and meets your needs.

Send us a message in Cleveland, Ohio, and let us satisfy your greatest home-improvement needs.

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