Make your space feel bigger, brighter and make it more productive:

Lighting is a key component of a productive and efficient kitchen and an imperative aspect of design and functionality. Finding the perfect lighting for your home’s cooking space means finding the perfect balance of different light sources while taking into account the size and color of the room. When choosing the right mix of lighting for your kitchen, consider these five tips:

1. Find fixtures that draw focus away from LEDs and fluorescent light bulbs themselves, but also brighten the space. Try to find fixtures that focus lighting on the food prep area and disperse light out. This helps you find a balance between soft light sources and harsher ones such LEDs.

2. Incorporate universal design into your kitchen lighting. Not only does this add value to your home, but it also allows your guests to have a safe, productive experience in your cooking area. With universal design lighting, people of all abilities have access to sufficient lighting. Use a mix of natural lighting, fluorescent lights and LEDs to light up the room, making sure that at any time of day it is bright enough for anyone to use the kitchen without fear of an accident.

3. Consider integrating layers of light to illuminate cabinets, storage areas, closets and pantry space. This type of lighting plan adds depth and dimension to your kitchen.

4. Take the size of your kitchen into consideration when deciding on light fixtures. The style and number of fixtures you install depends on the amount of space that is available. Fixtures that are too large will make a small area feel cluttered.

5. The color of your kitchen influences what type of lighting will suit it best.  White kitchens reflect light, making the space feel open. In these cases, warmer-colored lighting may be sufficient to produce a well-lit workspace. Darker kitchens, however, will need brighter white or cool white lighting to appropriately light the same and provide the same open feel of a white space.

If you’re looking for lighting fixtures that will effectively light your kitchen while matching your home’s style, stop by the Firenza Stone showroom today. We carry indoor chandeliers, pendants, mounts, outdoor lighting and lighting hardware to complement any home and fit any budget.

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