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Cleveland Bathroom Remodeling

Firenza Stone is a home improvement company in Ohio helping homeowners create excellent living spaces for four generations by offering bathroom remodeling and design in Cleveland, along with other services. 

Homeowners and contractors trust us to deliver incredible results because we work with the highest-trained technicians with decades of experience. We use state-of-the-art machines and the highest quality materials and products.

Our bathroom remodeling service will help you achieve the following:

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Our Products

To help you achieve the washroom of your dreams, we sell the highest quality products that offer outstanding aesthetics and assured longevity.

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Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

Our bathroom cabinets and vanities are created by the best cabinet manufacturers in the United States. We work with expert designers with countless years of experience, certifications, and awards to show. Our bathroom cabinets and vanities come in various styles and designs.

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We deliver the best bathroom countertop installation service for homeowners looking for a bathroom remodel. We have gained the trust of hundreds of homeowners and contractors who are willing to share reviews of our home remodeling. We offer a ton of bathroom countertop installation options including natural stone, engineered stone, butchered block, and more.

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If you need bathroom flooring solutions that provide excellent aesthetics, unmatched durability, and increased home value, then Firenza Stone is your go-to. Our floors come in different patterns, designs, materials, and sizes for different bathroom remodeling needs.

Our bathroom remodeling process follows several procedures within procedures to ensure that your bathroom beats the standard in today’s world and offers a luxurious appeal. Below is a step-by-step process we use.

  • Demolishing/Gutting the bathroom

    After properly planning the remodeling project and agreeing to a new bathroom design, our technicians will start the project by demolishing the old bathroom. In this process, we will remove everything that needs removing, including the wall tiles or drywall, old flooring, sink, old or damaged plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinets, and vanities.

  • Hooking up new plumbing and electrical fixtures

    The first step to updating your bathroom is ensuring that all plumbing and electrical fixtures are up to date and of high quality. Our team of technicians includes plumbers and electricians with years of experience. We choose our plumbing products based on style, material, and functionality while considering technological advancements.

  • Installing the new shower, sink, and bathtub

    Once the plumbing is done, we will begin to install your new shower, sink, and bathtub. We select only the most luxurious basin that brings your bathroom up to standard with today’s realities. However, our design doesn't only consider the present. We want every bathroom remodeling project to still beat the standard in years to come.

  • Covering up the walls

    Whatever your choice is, we will give you the best. We prefer tiled bathroom walls as they offer a higher level of sophistication and prevent mold formation in wet areas. However, we can also apply drywall or go the hybrid route. Once this stage is completed, you will see the Cleveland bathroom remodeling start to come together.

  • Installing our super-sturdy, water-resistant, gorgeous floor

    Firenza Stone is majorly known for selling and installing the best quality floors. We are trusted by thousands of homeowners and general contractors in Cleveland and beyond to consistently deliver on our promise to provide the most elegant flooring solutions. We have many flooring options, ranging from tiles to solid wood, engineered wood, engineered stone, and natural stone.

  • Installing new cabinets and vanities

    Like our flooring, we also deliver matchless results with our bathroom cabinets and vanities. We sell and install various bathroom cabinet and vanity designs, including shaker-style, raised-panel, pedestal sink vanity, wall-mounted vanity, free-standing vanity, floating-sink vanity, and many other variations. Our bathroom cabinets are your best bet during bathroom remodeling and design in Cleveland.

  • Updating the lighting

    Updating your lighting is the final step to seeing your bathroom become one of your favorite places. This stage shines a light on our beautiful work and the awesome bathroom you now have. We use a variety of bathroom lighting fixtures, depending on the interior design you want to create. A few of our options include above-mirror lighting, vanity lights, ceiling lights, vintage lighting, and many more.

  • Finishing touches

    This phase is where we clean up any extra dirt and debris. We leave you with an excellent new bathroom and no work to do.


A bathroom remodel becomes necessary when your bathroom has stayed decades without remodeling. You may notice minor or substantial damage to bathroom fixtures like cabinets, vanities, lighting, plumbing, faucets, flooring, and even walls. Remodeling your bathroom gives you a gorgeous, up-to-date bathroom with added home value.
Bathroom remodeling and design can help you gain up to a 60% ROI on the remodeling cost. Although this added value is not hard cash, you will notice the increase in value when you finally put your house up for sale.
The time it takes to start and complete a bathroom remodel depends on the size of the bathroom, the magnitude of work that needs to be done, project permits, and other unforeseen factors. However, given the factors mentioned, you can expect it to take around two to six weeks.
The best way to prepare for your bathroom remodel is to clear the bathroom of any property or personal item. You should also clear the area outside the bathroom. If there is anything you cannot move, ensure it is adequately protected or inform our technicians.

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