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Bathroom Remodeling Canton, OH

Do you want to own a bathroom in Canton where you can comfortably spend hours without caring about time? Do you want a space where you can wind down after a long day without feeling irritated from the congestion? Well, a clean bathroom is good, but nothing compares to the peace of mind and ease you get from an expertly-designed one. 

Firenza Stone is the firm to call if you want to upgrade your bathroom. We are the leading home remodeling company in Canton, committed to helping homeowners create the homes of their dreams. We offer the skills and resources to help homeowners in Canton and surrounding areas turn their homes into attractive, functional living spaces.
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Our Products

We recognize that your bathroom is a vital area of your home, which is why we sell and install products of high quality.

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Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

Our bathroom cabinets and vanities are available in various styles and designs. We use high-quality materials to ensure our goods' durability and lifespan. Our cabinets and vanities fit any bathroom space and meet your storage requirements.

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Bathroom Flooring Materials

Firenza Stone is your go-to for bathroom flooring materials and installation that deliver exceptional beauty, unrivaled durability, and higher home value. Our flooring is available in many patterns, styles, materials, and sizes for various bathroom renovation needs. We offer flooring solutions ranging from granite to marble and many other natural stone materials.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

  • Demolishing/Gutting the Bathroom

    After completing the planning and design phases, our professionals will begin demolition. This entails removing your bathroom's old and outdated pieces to make a place for the new. Our professionals will conduct the demolition procedure carefully and accurately to limit any harm to your home's surroundings.

  • Hooking up new Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures

    The first and most crucial step in renovating your bathroom is ensuring the electrical and plumbing systems are in good working order. Our team of specialists, which includes skilled plumbers and electricians, will inspect the current fixtures in your bathroom and make any required modifications or replacements. Regarding plumbing fittings, we know how important both aesthetics and usability are. Thus, we carefully choose our items. When selecting the correct plumbing fixtures for your bathroom, we analyze the most recent technology innovations and variables such as material, design, and performance.

  • Installing the new Shower, Sink, and Bathtub

    After completing the plumbing work, we install a new shower, sink, and bathtub. We enjoy providing high-quality items and choose the most sumptuous and attractive basins to give your bathroom an updated appearance. We create not just with current trends and styles in mind but also with the future in mind.

  • Covering up the Walls

    At Firenza Stone, we provide a choice of solutions for bathroom walls. Tiled walls are our favorite option owing to their elegant look and mold-resistant capabilities in high moisture areas. However, if drywall or a hybrid solution better matches your needs, we can install it.

  • Installing our Super-Sturdy, Water-Resistant, Gorgeous Floor

    Firenza Stone is well-known for its flooring prowess. We have built a reputation for providing homeowners and contractors in Canton and the surrounding regions with high-quality flooring materials and installation services. We are confident in our abilities to give the most fashionable and attractive flooring solutions on the market. Tiles, solid wood, engineered wood, engineered stone, and natural stone are among our many flooring alternatives, guaranteeing that we have something to suit every taste and budget.

  • Installing new Cabinets and Vanities

    Firenza Stone is also known for producing high-quality bathroom cabinets and vanities. You will discover suitable cabinets and a vanity for your bathroom with many styles and designs, including shaker-style, raised-panel, pedestal sink vanity, wall-mounted vanity, free-standing vanity, floating-sink vanity, and many others. Every part of our bathroom renovation and design services shows our dedication to excellence and quality. Choose Firenza Stone for unrivaled results in bathroom cabinets and vanities. Contact us today to book a consultation and see why we are Canton's top option for bathroom remodeling and design.

  • Updating the Lighting

    Lighting is the last touch in making your bathroom a beautiful and soothing area. Proper lighting emphasizes all the hard work and effort into the bathroom renovation process. We have many bathroom lighting fixtures to complement any interior design style. They include above-mirror lighting, vanity lights, ceiling lights, antique lighting, and more. Our team of experts will help you select the ideal lighting fixtures, considering the overall style of your bathroom and your particular tastes.

  • Finishing Touches

    The clean-up step is the final stage of our bathroom renovation project. We will provide you with a sparkling new bathroom ready for use. We will clean up any accumulated dust or grime and remove residual debris throughout the restoration. Our objective is to give you a stress-free remodeling experience, which includes leaving your bathroom in pristine condition once the work is completed. So, if you're searching for a bathroom remodel that will add refinement and luxury to your house, Firenza Stone is the way to go. Contact us now to set up a consultation, and let us help you transform your bathroom into the spa-like retreat you've always desired.


A complete bathroom remodel project is more than just a wet area. It might include a new floor, a new vanity and countertop, a new toilet, new lighting, cabinets, a ventilation fan, and even some painting.
According to trends, the answer is four to five years. The answer is a little more difficult to predict based on the lifespan of bathroom appliances—perhaps 15 to 20 years, depending on the quality of the bathtub and shower system.
Many individuals modify their bathrooms to give them a fresh look. Builders may renovate bathrooms to increase the home’s value as a steady source of income. Homeowners frequently change their bathrooms to boost resale value and profit when selling.
The age and wear and tear of bathroom fixtures and surfaces may demand a bathroom redesign. Updating and repairing these features will not only improve the appearance of your bathroom but will also boost the overall value of your property.

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