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Bathroom Remodeling Akron, OH

Are you often embarrassed about showing your bathroom to your friends and visitors? Do you walk into your bathroom and can’t stand the sight of the rickety cabinets, vanities, bath, sink, and counter? It is time for a bathroom makeover for your Akron home. We know you want top-class, and we want to give you just that.

Your bathroom can be upgraded to become spacious, luxurious, functional, safe, gorgeous, and valuable. All you need is our bathroom remodeling and design services to bring it back to life and better than it has ever been. At Firenza Stone, we help homeowners and contractors create gorgeous homes that exceed expectations. 

You can achieve the bathroom of your dreams this year by sending us a message to make your dream home a reality.

Add Lighting To The Bathroom

Our Products

We recognize that your bathroom is a vital area of your home, which is why we sell and install products of high quality.

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Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

Bathroom cabinets are highly prone to damage, warping, and fading because of the high humidity levels in the bathroom. We understand this, so we create our cabinets to resist those damaging factors. Our cabinets and vanities are also resistant to heat and prevent mold formation, keeping your bathroom healthy and clean.

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Bathroom Flooring Materials

We sell tons of bathroom flooring materials that can spark life into your bathroom. No matter the style of your bathroom, we have something for you. Some options we sell include natural stones like granite, marble, limestone, and quartzite and engineered stones like glass, Silestone, laminate, lithostone, and many more.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process For Your Akron Home

  • The Planning Phase

    The first and most important step we take is to create a plan that allows us to work through the project without causing you stress and discomfort. We ensure that plans are made for you and your family to comfortably go about your daily business while the project is ongoing. During this time, we will also walk you through different design options for your bathroom and the kinds of cabinetry, countertops, and appliances you may want to add to your new bathroom.

  • Demolishing/Gutting The Bathroom

    The next step is to start gutting the bathroom to remove all the old and damaged fixtures, cabinets, counters, and appliances. We may have to tear down a portion of your bathroom wall(s) to create more space for the new design. Some features we will remove are wall tiles, sinks, flooring, plumbing, HVAC units, and cabinets.

  • Hooking Up New Plumbing And Electrical Fixtures

    Our technicians will start working on installing new electrical fixtures, plumbing, and HVAC system before proceeding with the project. We work with a team of specialists in every field necessary to ensure a perfectly working system. While adding these features to your new and improved bathroom, we use recent technology to make your home smart and functional.

  • Installing Our Super-Sturdy, Water-Resistant, Gorgeous Floor

    To make the project faster, smoother, and more cost-effective, we sell the flooring materials we use on your floor. We assure you of a gorgeous, long-lasting, and slip-resistant bathroom floor that improves the aesthetics of your bathroom by up to 30 percent. We have a range of bathroom flooring materials ranging from natural stone to engineered stone and more.

  • Covering up the Walls

    Just like the flooring, your bathroom walls play a huge role in the overall appearance. We offer various bathroom wall options at Firenza Stone, including tiling, drywall, or a combination of both.

  • Installing The New Shower, Sink, And Bathtub

    Once the floor and walls have been completed, we start to install the fixtures that turn the space into a gorgeous bathroom. We connect the plumbing and HVAC systems and install the sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet. Your bathroom will not only be Instagram-worthy when we’re done but will also be functional and efficient.

  • Installing New Cabinets And Vanities

    We sell and install bathroom cabinets and vanities that help you become more efficient while going about your business. We will install cabinets that provide massive storage, high-level durability, and unmatched aesthetics. We have a range of cabinet options for you to choose from, which will be discussed with you in the planning phase.

  • Updating The Lighting

    It’s one thing to have lights in your bathroom, and it’s another thing to have carefully chosen and befitting lighting to make your bathroom exude luxury. Tons of lighting fixtures can bring your bathroom to life, and some of them include above-mirror lighting, vanity lights, ceiling lights, antique lighting, and more.

  • Finishing Touches

    Once everything has been installed and new appliances are brought in, our technicians will clean up the space to remove any signs of dirt, grime, and debris. We will also check the project to ensure everything is in place and in working order. After the project is completed, the result is a jaw-dropping bathroom you can proudly show off.


A bathroom remodeling project means bringing all the features of your bathroom up to current standards. This means that the flooring, electrical appliances, cabinets and vanities, counters, sink, toilet, and more must be replaced. It may also include the demolition of a part of your wall.

If done correctly by an expert, you may not need to remodel your home for the next decade, as many of the features will remain functional and trendy even after years with minimal maintenance.

Time affects everything, and it’s normal. The longer you stay in your home, the more you may begin to notice that some fixtures are becoming old and out of style. You may also notice fixtures like the cabinets and countertops begin to fall apart. If these things make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, then it is time to upgrade your bathroom. Thankfully, Firenza Stone is here to help.

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