Bathroom Cabinets in Lakewood

Bathroom Cabinets in Lakewood

Do you want to redefine the appearance of your bathroom with excellent bathroom cabinets that effortlessly boost the sophistication and effectiveness of your bathroom space? We deliver carefully designed cabinets using the most durable and sleek materials and hardware you can find in the market. Firenza Stone is a family-owned home improvement company helping homeowners and sellers create luxurious living spaces using some of the most gorgeous, timeless, and inexpensive cabinets and stones. We are the leading cabinet dealer in Ohio, assuring you of precisely what you want, ranging from

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Semi-Custom Cabinets For The Bathroom

Bathroom cabinets afford you the same level of style and sophistication but with more ease of installation and lesser cost when doing home remodeling. We design some of the most future-proof bathroom cabinets that elevate your comfort room and make it Instagram-worthy. Our designers understand the market and what homeowners want to see. We understand the trends and styles that fit into the various home settings. This helps us to make the perfect best quality bathroom cabinets for you no matter your taste. You may also be looking for a bath vanity to customize your bathroom space; send us a message to buy bathroom cabinets that uplift the ambiance of your bathroom.

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Wood Cabinets For The Bathroom

We design our wood cabinets after informed market research on the trends and patterns that homeowners and interior designers have sought. Our cabinet designs cut across all home styles and interior design options for every home, ensuring that your home meets the current and future standards.Our technicians have gone through every relevant cabinet artisan training and have each spent a minimum of 10 years creating bathroom cabinets that stand the test of time in terms of beauty and durability. Visit any of our showrooms today to find and buy some of our timeless cheap stock cabinets.

Semi-Stock Cabinets For The Bathroom

Our semi-stock bathroom cabinets are made based on your needs and current trending market designs. We give you a gorgeous blueprint for you to create perfection that fits into your home and personal style. Our semi-stock bathroom cabinets and vanities are designed by some of the best artisans in the industry using the best materials.


Custom Cabinets For The Bathroom

Custom bathroom cabinets allow you to dictate the design you want us to create for you. You just have to show us your preferred design and let our artisans handle the rest for you. We do not only create gorgeous designs, but we also use some of the most sophisticated decorative hardware that makes it super-easy to navigate your bathroom and store items. From custom cabinets to unassembled cabinets to finished and unfinished cabinets, we ensure that we meet your standard and surpass it with our brilliant materials and artisans. Send us a message today and let us help you design a fantastic bathroom.


What is the best material to use for bathroom cabinets?

Some of the best materials for bathroom cabinets are birch, maple, oak, cherry, and walnut wood cabinets. Bathroom cabinets are very moisture-prone because they are kept in an area where water is frequently used. As such, it is crucial to use a cabinet material that is not susceptible to damage caused by water. Many homeowners might choose to go for metal bathroom cabinets since they are less susceptible. However, metal cabinets are less stylish and many wooden materials, as already mentioned above, are just as water-resistant as metal.

Are kitchen cabinets different from bathroom cabinets?

Every cabinet is made differently for a different purpose. From the design to the material to the choice of hardware and more. Kitchen cabinets are generally made with more focus on aesthetics, while bathroom cabinets are chosen based on the water resistance. Kitchen cabinets can also have more shelves than bathroom cabinets because there are more things to store in the kitchen than in the bathroom.

What can I use instead of a bathroom vanity?

Bathroom vanities are your comfort space inside the bathroom. It is where you store some of the most essential things you use inside the bathroom and probably where you apply your cosmetics. If anything should replace that, it must be able to serve you as well as a vanity would. A suitable replacement would be a dresser or an island.

What is the most durable vanity?

The most durable vanity is one that is made with any of the varieties of solid wood. A durable vanity has nothing to do with weight or design but with the type of material. This is because bathroom vanities and cabinets are more water-prone since they live in the bathroom where there is a lot of water usage.Any variant of solid wood ranging from maple to oak to cherry to walnut to ash and birch.

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