Cleveland Kitchen Cabinet Designs

To design gorgeous, trendy, and timeless kitchen cabinets, a cabinet designer would need to bring on years of experience as well as the ability to move with the trend. That, and more, is what we offer at Firenza Stone with our solid wood cabinets, engineered wood cabinets, open cabinets, custom cabinets, and semi-custom cabinets. 

Our Cleveland kitchen cabinet design experts have all spent decades in the cabinetry and home improvement industry and understand exactly how to deliver exotic, sophisticated kitchen cabinets that NOT only look aesthetically pleasing but are also super-durable and affordable.

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Gorgeous Yet Affordable Custom Kitchen Island Cabinets

Looking for new custom kitchen cabinets for your home? Are you doing a complete kitchen makeover or kitchen remodeling and are looking for a classy, trendy custom kitchen island that adds value to your home? Look no further! Our custom kitchen professional designers will create magic that beats your wildest imaginations.

We deliver only the best quality custom small kitchen islands, custom wood islands (solid wood or engineered wood islands), as well as tons of other materials. If you are looking for a custom kitchen island with a design made specifically for you by the most creative and dedicated designers in Cleveland, send us a message today.

1. Island Base Cabinets

If you want to set up a gorgeous countertop in your kitchen, we can also help you design a cabinet island base that serves as a kitchen island made from cabinets. Hop on a quick call with us today and let us increase the value of your kitchen by over 80% at a budget-friendly price.

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2. Island Cupboard

Do you have a creative kitchen island cupboard idea in your head that you want to bring to life? Just send us a message with what you want and let our designers do the rest for you. We have been in the Cleveland cabinetry and home improvement space long enough to know how to help you create a million-dollar kitchen for up to 90% less.

Open Kitchen Cupboards

Let us help you design gorgeous open kitchen cupboards that elevate the appearance and ambiance of your kitchen space. Our open cupboard designs will boost the value of your kitchen by over 50% and that is because we use only the best materials guaranteed to last for decades while still maintaining beauty.

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Open Cabinet Kitchen Design

The open cabinet concept is one that makes for complete ease and efficiency in the kitchen and we help you add sophistication to that fact. Our open-shelf cabinet design would be worth every penny if we were offering it for three times the price. However, you can get them today for the lowest prices possible. Every style, every color, every design.

Top Quality Top Open Cabinets

At Firenza Stone, we design some of the highest quality kitchen cabinets you can find in Cleveland, Ohio. Our designs are created with a high level of class, care, skill, and pure love for the art. Modern open kitchen cabinets and open-top kitchen cabinets can improve the entire ambiance of your kitchen and that’s exactly what we will do for you.

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High-Quality Open Cabinets

Looking for some of the most gorgeous open kitchen cabinets in Cleveland? Are you starting a new kitchen remodeling project and want to uplift your kitchen space with open kitchen cupboards? We are the pro to call for an excellent open kitchen design.

We will design an open-shelf kitchen cabinet that you can be proud to show off at the slightest opportunity. Our designers are native to Cleveland, OH, and understand the intricacies of both local and international open cabinet styles.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood cabinets make some of the most solid cabinets you may ever find. They practically last for decades with minimal maintenance required. Our designers will not simply create long-lasting hardwood kitchen cabinets but will ensure that they look gorgeous enough to make every kitchen picture look like a work of art.

We deliver quality with a variety of solid wood cabinets, including:

  • Solid oak kitchen cabinets
  • Maple wood cabinets
  • Hickory wood cabinets
  • Cherry wood cabinets; and more.

Looking for solid wood cabinets near you? Hop on a quick call with us today and let us discuss how to make your house a home, starting from your cabinets.

Engineered Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Our engineered wood cabinet designers are super-talented with decades of experience to ensure that every cabinet project comes out as superbly done as possible. Our engineered wood doors are designed with unwavering attention to detail and with the best in engineered wood materials, including:

  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • HDF (high-density fiberboard
  • MDF (Medium-density fiberboard
  • Laminate; and more
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Glass Kitchen Cabinets

From cabinets that simply have beautiful glass cabinet doors to an aesthetically pleasing all-glass cabinet, we have got you covered with the best designs. Our glass cupboard doors are designed with 3G or 4G glass to assure you of high-level durability and ease of use.

Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

We deliver high-end frameless cabinets designed to fit both classic and contemporary styles. Our frameless cabinet design offers you just as much longevity and efficiency as the framed ones. We offer the best frameless cabinets at the most affordable prices ever. Our frameless cabinet construction blueprints are drawn by cabinetry design professionals.

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Durable, Stylish, and Affordable Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal kitchen cabinets are usually considered difficult to design for many cabinet makers but not for our experts at Firenza Stone. Our steel kitchen cabinets are made from blueprints created by some of the most artistic cabinet designers in the industry, making it effortless to create magnificent cabinets out of metal.


We have metal kitchen cabinets for sale in a variety of colors, including white metal kitchen cabinets, black metal kitchen cabinets, gray steel cabinets, and many more.


Can a kitchen island be longer than cabinets?

Your kitchen island should be longer than cabinets as it adds some extra space for the counter and also creates room for your knee to prevent bumping it into the cabinet while you move around.

It is often advised that you keep a space of 15 inches at the barest minimum or 18 inches for much taller people. Note, however, that the size of your island is also a determinant of how beautiful and efficient your kitchen will become. Excessively large islands can make the kitchen look cramped and uncomfortable.

Should your kitchen island match your cabinets?

It would completely depend on your preferences as the overall outlook of your entire kitchen would be a combination of different styles and colors or the use of a simple general style or color. However, using different colors or styles can help set your island apart from every other cabinet in the kitchen, making it look more sophisticated.

What to do with open space above kitchen cabinets?

There are tons of things you can do with that space above your kitchen cabinet and some of them include:

  • Showing off a collection
  • A free shelf for cookbooks
  • Storing your wine and other bottled drinks
  • Storing small cups and plates
  • Making it a secret stash
  • Storing rarely used jars of spices

For an even more stylish idea, you can simply create an additional shelf over the space to cover it up.

Which way should kitchen cabinets be open?

There is no specific direction every cabinet should open. The direction would depend on how effective it is for you to ensure that they don’t restrict your movement. What should be attainable is to have them open in the opposite direction against each other so that when two near cabinets are opened, they don’t prevent you from interacting with the other.

What to put in glass kitchen cabinets?

Glass kitchen cabinets are usually used as display cabinets and should add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. To make good use of this space, you want to carefully place things you love. Things like beautiful cards, wine bottles, art, collectibles, and more would make awesome accessories to add to your glass cabinets. 

Where to buy glass inserts for kitchen cabinets?

You can get the finest designs of glass inserts from Firenza Stone by simply sending us a message or hopping on a quick call to show us exactly what you would like. Our designers are well versed in creating glass cabinets and their accessories to help elevate your kitchen space.

You can also walk into our store at 33205 Curtis Boulevard Eastlake, OH 44095 to meet with us and discuss exactly how we can improve your living space.

What are frameless kitchen cabinets?

Frameless kitchen cabinets are the European style of cabinets that have now become more American than European. What differentiates them from the popular framed ones is that the doors and drawers rest directly on the hinges nailed to the sides of cabinet boxes. This leaves you with more storage space, open shelves, and easy-to-adjust shelves.

Work With the Best Kitchen Cabinet Company in Cleveland, OH

Are you in need of high-quality custom kitchen cabinets? Firenza stone is your one-stop-shop. We provide you with the right kitchen cabinet options to simplify your search. 

From buying custom cabinets to cabinet installation, you can reach out to us for free estimates on our slabs for your residential and commercial projects. Rest assured, that you will receive top-notch service.