RTA Cabinets for Kitchen and Bathroom in Ohio

Ready To Assemble (RTA) Cabinets

Are you looking to remodel your home but are unsure of the right cabinet choices? Well, new Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are the ideal option for you. Imagine a well-furnished kitchen that reflects your personality. That is precisely what Firenza Stone can do for you. Located in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, Firenza Stone has provided the best-quality RTA cabinets to clients worldwide. And throughout the years, we have amassed a massive portfolio as the best RTA cabinet company. This results from our innovative cabinet designs. Our ultimate aim at Firenza Stone is to meet, if not exceed, your expectations while keeping up with your budget. For cost-effective home renovation solutions, buy RTA cabinets now! 

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All-Wood RTA Cabinets

We at Firenza Stone have an excellent preference for high-quality woodwork. Therefore, one of our primary concerns is to use the best quality materials for all of our goods to provide the quality that your kitchen deserves.
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Custom RTA Cabinets

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Make your vision kitchen a reality. With Firenza Stone’s easy-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, you may get the personalized aesthetic you’ve been looking for. With popular finishes and a wide range of door types, we ensure you can always find modern and trendy  RTA kitchen base cabinets for your house. Our custom RTA plywood kitchen cabinet storage options are tailored to your needs and easy to set up. Furthermore, our custom kitchen cabinets come in various designs, from conventional to modern. So, filter your search results by style, line, finish, and wood species and choose from various paint and stain finishes to create the look of your dreams for your cabinets. We are just one call away from answering all your inquiries and assisting you in decision-making. What more could you ask from a custom RTA cabinet line?

Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

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Firenza Stone makes it easier than ever to purchase RTA kitchen cabinets. Plus, we provide straightforward and easy-to-follow installation guides. Our RTA cupboards are made to last because we use only the highest quality hardwood and components produced in the United States. You can combine this with our decorative tiles and flooring option for your unique flooring and countertops.
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RTA Bathroom Cabinets

Enhance the new features in your bathroom with our stunning RTA vanities. Our RTA bathroom vanities come in various styles, designs, and finishes. Also, we use exciting colors that can affect the ambiance of a room. Some of our fantastic color options are grey, white, and blue, which can brighten and modernize your bathroom. Or we use warm colors such as red, orange, and pink to lend a personal touch. In addition, we work with the colors you so desire since they are an excellent way to complement the bright towels and other accessories in your bathroom. However, if you have a specific idea for the aesthetic of your bathroom, the best RTA cabinet supplier – Firenza Stone, can help you accomplish it. We allow you to buy precisely what you want rather than choosing from a limited range of prefabricated cabinets.


How Do I Assemble RTA Cabinets?

RTA cabinets are assembled using wood dowels, bolts, and adhesives. To help you put things together, you may find instructions as videos or written instructions.

How Long Does It Take To Assemble RTA Cabinets?

For a novice, assembling your first cabinet should average roughly 30-45 minutes. However, it will become easy when you subsequently do it. Wall cabinets typically take 8-10 minutes to assemble, while base cabinets take 10-15 minutes.The overall time required to assemble RTA cabinets for an entire kitchen varies. It depends on the number of cabinets and your skill level. This procedure may appear overwhelming to some, but Firenza Stone promises to be with you every step of the way. If you have questions about the assembly, always contact us!

How Durable Are RTA Cabinets?

A well-built RTA cabinet should last for at least 20 years. But this also depends on its installation process. When installed and maintained properly, it can stand the test of time.

Why Should I Buy RTA Cabinets?

RTA kitchen cabinets provide homeowners with a cost-effective way to save money on kitchen remodelling. These cabinets, however, come as parts in a flat box. Also, it concludes all the hardware required for assembly. You may save expenses when you install your cabinets since you do the assembling yourself.

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