What can you expect from the world of kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends in the new year? From fixtures and hardware to flooring and cabinets, 2015 will be a year full of small details that can make all the difference in your home. We’ve compiled our list of the five biggest trends that will pop in homes across the country next year.

Reemergence of Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Lately we’ve seen white kitchens increase in popularity, but 2015 may be the year of the wood kitchen cabinets. Wood is versatile and allows you mix different wood tones together in the same space without it being overwhelming. Give your wooden kitchen cabinets some additional character by choosing a unique wood grain or stain.

Interesting Metallic Fixtures
Stainless steel fixtures are no longer the hottest thing on the block. New metals, including oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and chrome, are taking the bathroom and kitchen world by storm. These updated finishes may be a small detail, but they can be a great way to quickly update your space. Don’t play it safe with traditional fixtures—experiment with the many new possibilities available.

Heated Floors
Who likes walking around on cold tile floors? Not us! Especially during the cold and snowy northeastern Ohio winters. But, there’s a solution—heated floors! Radiant heated floors are popping up under tile floors everywhere, from the kitchen and living areas to the bathrooms. It’s a great way to ensure that you and your guests will be comfortable, even without the fluffy slippers, during the colder months of the year.

Patterns and Tactile Materials
Printed patterns and tactile materials are the perfect way to add some style to your kitchen and bathroom this year. Patterns can make a big impression in your backsplash or even on the wallpaper. Tactile materials, including textured natural wood grain and raw-edged finishes on natural stone countertops, add interest and depth to each room.

Organization Everywhere
There can never be too much organization in your home, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or even the closets. One of the biggest trends for 2015 is the addition of organization throughout the home. Smart storage solutions customized for the kitchen and bathroom are available to help you keep everything in its place, and that includes plates, bowls, utensils, towels, toiletries and more.

If you think your kitchen or bathroom is ready for an upgrade for 2015, we can help you put all of the small details together to create a unique and inviting space with new fixtures, natural stone countertops and tile.  To get started, visit us at the Firenza Stone showroom or call us at 877.876.6638 for more information.

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