Window treatments are often one of the last things considered when decorating a room. From simple, conservative drapes to funky, patterned panels, window treatments can add to any room’s décor. Whatever type of window treatments you pick for your space, Firenza Stone has a large inventory of household accessories to make it feel like home. These six window treatment trends may offer you the inspiration you need to update the blinds, shades, drapes or curtains in your newly renovated space.

Balanced Blinds
Many homeowners opt for window treatments that offer energy efficient benefits.  Newer homes often have larger windows providing a lot of natural light throughout the home. It’s important to many homeowners to find window treatments that balance the flow of natural light with energy efficiency, and balanced blinds are a great way to do that.

Plantation Shutters
Add a touch of southern charm and elegance to your space with plantation shutters. While they are more of an investment than other window treatments, they are classic additions to your home. These wooden window treatments are custom fit to your windows and have smart levers to adjust the louvers instead of the dangling cords found on other types of blinds.

Organic Materials
Materials like bamboo, grass and linen are making their way into the home, now in window treatments. Organic materials in woven styles look fresh in sunny, light-filled rooms—especially dining areas and sun rooms. They also add texture and character to rooms with flat walls.

Sheer Panels
If you are looking for window treatments to add some flair to your room, but also let in sunlight, look no further than sheer fabric panels. This fabric is light and transparent, giving any room a more open feeling and allowing the natural light to brighten the room.

Bold Colors and Patterns
Don’t shy away from bright colors and funky patterns when considering window treatments for your home. Since window treatments are easily replaceable, it is easy to play around with trendy fabrics to change the look of your room. Play up the fun nature of your new window treatments by tying them in to the rest of the room with throw pillows, rugs or blankets to coordinate.

Custom Draperies
Sometimes, you can’t find anything that perfectly fits your style or your space. If that’s the case, custom draperies could be the right choice for you. Custom window treatments allow you to decide exactly what you want, including design, fabric choice and hardware.

Whatever type of window treatments you choose for your space, Firenza Stone can help you make these important decisions. We offer interior design and contractor consultation—for more information, call us at 877.878.6638 or stop by the Firenza Stone showroom today!

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