Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends 2020

The kitchen is generally the center of every home, some may argue that it is the most important room in the house. Whether its enjoying a meal with your family or hosting a birthday party, the kitchen is the room that brings everyone together. So, before you build, remodel, or update your kitchen, check out these top 5 kitchen trends for 2020.

1) Matte Black Hardware Fixtures

We have recently seen the new, trendy, matte black fixtures and finishes enter the design industry. Firenza Stone Interior Designer, Robyn Spataro, tells us “I am mainly using matte black fixtures for my kitchen and bath projects.” Matte black finishes are showing up in many areas of design to break up the “all white” trend from the last few years. Black accents create a nice contrast in any area of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom.  

2) Quartzite/Leathered Surfaces 

One of the top surface trends that began is 2019 and will carry over to 2020 is quartzite material for kitchen countertops. Quartzite offers a high-end countertop at an affordable price. These surfaces are more durable than marble but give you that marble effect.  

3) Bold Cabinet Colors 

In 2019 the most popular color for kitchen cabinets was white. While many will continue to use white or neutral cabinet colors for 2020, the newest cabinetry trend is adding a pop of intense color. Whether it’s the island, coffee bar, or lower cabinets, adding red, navy, or even yellow will give you that pop of color your kitchen needs.   

4) Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile has been the hottest floor covering trend for the past few years. LVT is great for the kitchen area because most products are scratch and water resistant. As manufacturers continue to improve their products, they increasingly become more popular. In 2020 we will continue to see the use of LVT in all areas of the home.  

5) 3D Backsplash Tile 

After years of subway tile design trends, we are starting to see three dimensional tiles enter the industry. These new tiles create a unique look because of their interesting shapes, sizes, and colors. Using a 3D backsplash is a perfect way to add character, texture, pattern, and color to your kitchen.