Find a backsplash that reflects your personality.

Take your backsplash a step further than just protecting your kitchen tile walls from accidents; make it an eye-catching asset. A change of background can complement your home’s aura and incorporate a hint of personality into the most popular room in your house.

Today, designers are choosing kitchen backsplashes infused with ocean hues of blues and greens to create sharp contrasts between white and gray cabinets and countertops. Combinations of these shades pair nicely with gold accents, giving your kitchen a clean and fun atmosphere. This natural look exuberates a bight, yet subtle charisma, adding chic style to any kitchen.

Mirror, mirror on the all who’s the greatest cook of all? Get reflective in the kitchen with a mirror backsplash. This finish is perfect for a small kitchen, as it instantly makes space appear bigger. A mirror finish is easy to clean and doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to install.

Turn your kitchen into a creative hub with a chalkboard backsplash. There are endless possibilities when you take traditional sidewalk chalk into the kitchen; you can write out the evening’s menu, your family’s favorite recipe instructions or turn your backsplash into a homemade mural. This new trend adds an element of comfort, warmth and humanity to your kitchen and allows your family and guests to embrace everyday fun. Chalkboard paint is also a great option for renters who are unable to do full renovations.

Nothing is more eye-catching than unexpected elegance. This unique approach puts the traditional wood floor look on your walls to create a classy kitchen backsplash. A dark wood finish pairs great with stainless steel appliances for a rustic, yet modern feel.  Whether reclaimed barn wood or finished hardwood, this backsplash brings warm tones into your kitchen.

Get this modern stone look by incorporating granite, marble and limestone into your backsplash. Using dark, natural stones amplifies kitchen accessories, intensifies the look of indoor foliage and offers contrast between cabinets and flooring. The stone look can also provide texture that adds character, unlike flat walls.

Are you ready to spice up your kitchen? Call us today at (888) 671-2523 or contact us online for a free consultation. Our talented designers can help you choose materials and designs to compliment your home.

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