The next time you look at a newly remodeled kitchen, we bet there is one feature in particular that the homeowners rave about – their new kitchen island. Not only does an island provide extra counter space and storage, but it also acts as a hub for conversation, an informal dining area and an attractive focal point in the kitchen design. For homeowners interested in a kitchen remodel, it’s wise to consider including an island of some sort in the plans. We’ve put together a list of things to think about when you’re coming up with ideas for your new kitchen island.


  1. Consider the space.
    While an island may seem like a great idea, it’s important to consider the space in your kitchen before getting your heart set on a lavish island. More than any other feature of a remodeled kitchen, islands take up a LOT of space. When you’re planning the kitchen footprint, think about things like the floor space you’ll be losing, the space you’ll have to move around the island and the clearance needed to open appliance doors that are close by, like refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers.
  1. Design for function.
    A kitchen island should be designed as more than just a focal point. It can be a great space for food preparation, cooktops and informal dining too. The plans and designs for your kitchen island will change as you begin to think about how you will use the island. One of the biggest advantages to adding an island to your kitchen is the added storage space. Cabinets built into the island are a great place to store small kitchen appliances, pots, pans and more to give you additional space in your cabinets for other kitchen equipment.
  1. Choose materials wisely.
    Once you determine how your island will function and the main uses for that space, you can get excited about choosing the materials that will complement the rest of your kitchen. While islands are typically constructed from the same materials as the rest of the kitchen, don’t be afraid to switch it up and make this piece an accent. Because it’s freestanding, you can change the color of the cabinets or use a different countertop material to add a pop of personality to your remodeled kitchen.
  2. Don’t forget the outlets!
    One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when putting together plans for a new kitchen island is to overlook the electrical outlets. There’s nothing worse than trying to use the waffle maker on the island countertop and not having an outlet to plug into. Adding outlets to the island also helps to eliminate the hazard of running cords around the kitchen and using unattractive extension cords to reach the closest plug.

Kitchen islands can make a world of difference in your home. With so many possibilities for usage and design, you can create the perfect island to meet all of your needs. To start planning your new island addition or full kitchen renovation, visit us at the Firenza Stone showroom or call us at 877.876.6638 for more information.

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