Lighting. It’s one of the elements in the home that often goes to the wayside to patterns, paints and signature pieces. From multi-layered lighting arrangements and smart lighting applications to a variety of lighting fixtures that match the room and already established décor, the choices are endless. Whatever you focus on, Firenza Stone has an endless inventory of lighting options from their two most trusted lighting vendors. The following five lighting trends can still be applied to your next lighting remodel for 2014, and we are happy to walk you through the process from start to finish.

Touches of Gold and Copper

This year is about elegance and glamour, and you can add that touch of grace into your lighting. From gold and copper finishes to incandescent light bulbs with gold casing, this splash of color can bring a vintage and historical feel to any room. Combine this era with other modern and contemporary pieces to give a room additional character.

Hanging From Above

Suspended lighting, especially in the kitchen is a very popular way to bring direct lighting arrangements to a room. Aside from the kitchen, this lighting style can be found in reading nooks and studies. However, suspension lighting has been around for a long time. The way to step it up a notch in 2014 is with the type of vector and geometric shapes and colors you play around with.

Bringing Light Outdoors

It’s no secret that there are more places outside that require lighting attention than the inside the home. Outdoor lighting can create a magical space for your family to gather or be resourceful by providing a safe path for visitors. This year, don’t be shy. Get creative and bold.

Grey Fixtures

Grey is making a comeback in 2014. From pewter to dark shades of grey, the variety, natural aesthetics or concrete modern design can steal the show in any room.

Industrial and Modern

Industrial scraps and used pieces are being repurposed in a lot of new ways in 2014– lighting included. Installing an industrial lighting fixture in your home can bring a modern twist to your overall décor.

Whatever lighting focus you decide to run with this year, know that Firenza is here to help you along the way. Not only do we have a large selection to choose from, we also provide interior design and contractor consultation and installation. Call us at 877.878.6638 to set up an appointment, or stop by the Firenza Stone showroom during operating hours to spark your imagination.

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