Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and there’s no right or wrong style for your kitchen. This gives you incredible freedom to decide which fixtures you want to use, what type of countertop material fits the space and your lifestyle, and – an option many don’t think about but are starting to – what color you’d like to see on the cabinets.

While you’ll always be able to find standard cabinet colors, like cherry, oak, maple and chocolate, colored kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners are realizing that fun colors, like green, burgundy or blue, add life to the kitchen and make it possible to personalize the space. If you’ve been thinking about adding some color to your kitchen, let us help you find the perfect color and shade. Our favorite kitchen cabinet colors include:

  • Gray
    You may not think of gray as a trend-setting or bold color choice for your kitchen cabinets, but this color is making a splash in the kitchen! Gray is a sophisticated neutral that is far from boring. With so many shades to choose from and textures to add to the space in the backsplash and countertops, gray can be much more than a neutral color. If you are looking for an updated and interesting cabinet color, gray could be a great choice for you!
  • Turquoise
    From subtle to bold, turquoise cabinets are the rising star in the kitchen cabinet world. Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, this color can be a great addition to the space. Turquoise is a classic color, bringing a bit of the outside indoors. If you’re looking to add life to your kitchen, consider this energizing and playful color.
  • Red
    This color is not for the timid—red makes a statement in the kitchen. Bold and beautiful, red looks great in retro, classic and contemporary kitchen spaces. Since red makes such a big statement, it’s best to blend with classic neutrals, like black and white, for the backsplash, countertop and flooring. Red cabinets can help you to create a classic, visually-interesting space for you and your guests to enjoy.
  • Yellow
    Yellow is a great color to add to your kitchen. If you choose to go the route of yellow kitchen cabinets, take some time to decide on the perfect shade—this one is a hard one to get just right. After you’ve found the right shade, whether it’s bright, pastel or somewhere in between, your kitchen will have a permanent glow.

If you think your kitchen is ready for an update or a bold pop of color, we can help you pick out the perfect finishes to tie it all together, including backsplashes, natural stone countertops and fixtures. To get started with your kitchen remodel, visit us at the Firenza Stone showroom or call us at 877.876.6638 for more information.

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