In many homes, half baths are the most frequently used bathroom in the home, especially by guests. This small space is the perfect place to introduce style and flair to your home with tiles. Whether your style is traditional, modern, rustic or minimalist, your half bath can make a big impression on your family, friends and guests.

How can you design and decorate your half bath to pack a punch?

  • Bold Color + Pattern
    Since this space is small, it’s the perfect place to experiment with bold colors and patterns. By carefully choosing patterned wallpapers or painted vanities, you can take your room to new heights. When picking a patterned wallpaper, think about how the colors and pattern will look in the room. Consider whether it will make the space feel small and enclosed or if it will add dimension to the room. If you’re interested in a painted vanity, bold colors are a great option. But, be sure to make the vanity the focal point in the room, avoiding accessories or other accents of the same shade that may make the color seem overwhelming.
  • Floor-To-Ceiling Tile
    Tile is a great way to make your half bath seem bigger than it really is. The sheen and finish on the tile reflects the light and tricks the eye to make the room seem larger. If you’re thinking about tile, there are a few options to consider, like tiling all four walls, tiling just an accent wall, or mixing different sizes of tile together. Each option creates a unique look for your space.Bonus: Go vertical with your tile! Taking standard subway tile or other rectangular tile and turning it 90 degrees can give the half bath a new look. Vertical tile draws the eye up and creates the illusion of a more spacious room and higher ceiling.
  • Interesting Floor Tile
    Since the floor space in a half bath is usually small, you can afford to spend more on unique and interesting tiles for the floor. Whether you’re interested in multi-colored hexagon tiles, a retro mosaic tile pattern, or a more modern, art-inspired tile design, the half bath is the perfect place to try it out. Normally, the flooring isn’t the star of the room but, in a small half bath it can be.

Impress your family members and guests by throwing them a style curveball in your half bath. Have some fun, take some risks and change it up in this small space. To get started on updating your half bath, come in to the Firenza Stone showroom today! Our designers are ready to help you bring the stylized half bath you’ve been dreaming about to life.

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