The New Year is a great time to wipe the slate clean and start something new. If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your time in your home—so why not go ahead and make the changes (big or small) you’ve always dreamed of? Do it now and not only will you be able to enjoy your new space all throughout 2014, you’ll be enjoying it for years to come. We all want to remodel our master bathroom, the unused room upstairs or the dusty basement, but sometimes it’s just not possible to get it all done. The following list highlights some 2014 home modeling trends, how Firenza can help bring the trends to life in your house and making your wish list a reality.  

Indoors and Outdoors Collide

There is something tranquil about colliding two worlds: the indoors and outdoors. We will see more people installing accordion doors and windows as an accessible way to have the two coexist amongst one another. Others won’t be scared to decorate full living room settings outside as a way to entertain, socialize and relax in the outdoors. Firenza loves working on home remodeling fixtures for the outdoors, and our natural stone countertops and fireplaces are great additions to your outdoor space.

Nobody Puts Baby Blue In A Corner

Radiant orchid is this year’s color of the year, but the blues are anticipated to dominate home décor. From navy blue to turquoise and cobalt in-between, blue will generously be showcased in a lot of homes. Most homeowner’s are starting to branch out and get bolder with their color choices, and maybe this was on your interior design wish list as well. Blue isn’t as scary as the poppy reds and bright yellows in the world, and there is a way to go as boldly as you want with it. Cabinet knobs, colored cabinetry and specked countertops are all products we offer that can get the blue moving in your space.

Glamor and Elegance with Emphasis on Brass

Another trend that will pop up in 2014 is additional brass adaptations in the living room or kitchen. Drawer and cabinet handles adorn with brass instead of stainless steel will transform rooms into a timeless, elegant space. Brass based lamps, light fixtures and coffee table legs are all brass influenced products you can add to your home.

Modest and Tradition Outcasts Modern

Are you wishing to step out from the crowd in your home décor this year? Modern and minimalist design has been all of the rage in not only home décor designs but also graphic designs. When anything reaches its peak, there is an amount of time that follows where it starts to decline.  More people are retreating back to modest and more traditional styles in interior design. Adding one or two signature vintage pieces of furniture to your space can do add a traditional twist. Natural stone also inherently gives a bathroom or kitchen a more traditional and modest look than some of the sleeker and more modern alternatives.

Environment Friendly Friend

Do you want to be more aware of your environmental footprint in 2014, but don’t know where to start? Incorporating this new lifestyle into your home remodeling can be simple. From eco-friendly appliances, lighting and flooring, there are plenty of things you can execute in your home. Firenza Stone offers recycled glass as a countertop option that is guaranteed to be unique.  The material is stunning, durable and wear-resistance.

What are you looking to add or do away with in your home this year? Call Firenza Stone at (877) 878-6638 with questions or contact us online to start planning.


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